Building an Asgard shed

Installing your Asgard shed

All Asgard metal sheds are designed to be self-assembly. Due to the quality and weight of our units - We always recommend a minimum of two people attempt to build a unit (in the case of the larger units such as the Centurion and Gladiator we would suggest a minimum of three). Each Asgard shed comes with an installation pack similar to the one pictured below (contents vary according to product).

Shed Installation Packs

  • Each of our secure metal storage units is delivered with an installation pack.  This pack contains (contents may vary):
  • Self Tapper Screws -  Enough to complete the entire unit (quantities vary)
  • CSK screws - For fixing the doors to the unit 
  • Ground anchor bolts - For fixing your unit to the ground
  • 2 keys (subject to the choice of the unit)
  • Levelers - 2mm - 3mm and 5mm sizes - To help to get your unit 100% level
  • Step by Step fully illustrated instructions - Broken down into easy stages.  
  • Hole Bungs 
  • *Contents of pack may vary - depending on the model ordered. 

Metal Shed Installation Pack

Basic tools required for shed assembly. Only the most basic tools are required to build your unit.  

Electric screwdriver (posi drive) - general unit assembly. Hand screwdriver (posi drive) - for fixing doors. 13mm socket spanner (if anchoring unit to the ground).   A tube of clear weather sealant (optional) - for additional joint protection in exposed areas. A pair of good quality gloves with grips (such as the arco fast grip).  An assembly service is available.

Metal Shed Installation Tools

Shed Assembly Instructions

If you have chosen the self-assembly option we recommend you check each item against the quantities list in the instructions before beginning assembly.  If there are any missing parts please contact us immediately and we will try our best to resolve any problems. Please have your order number ready as this will speed up the inquiry process.

Then simply follow the instructions step by step.  If you lose or damage your instructions simply download another set from our assembly instructions area.

If you have any other problems or need help or advice contact us on 08456 580 730.
Please have your order number ready as this will speed up the inquiry process. 
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