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Garden Theft

This time of year is always seen as a season of sharing and caring, spending time with loved ones and giving to those in your life. However in some instances, these happy moments can be ruined by those few selfish criminals that have nothing better to do than cause misery through these times.

Garden theft, in particular shed break ins, are common throughout the year with somewhat of a lull this time of year. The reason for this lull is predominantly the temperature and usually the snow. Now we’re not sure if you’ve noticed, but there hasn’t been a single snow crystal fall, in fact its 10 degrees outside.  This just means that the chance of opportunists is on the rise as they find themselves outdoors instead of trapped in by the snow.

So with this increased threat of theft, how can you protect yourselves?

Bike theft is one of the main causes for garden theft and shed break-ins as criminals see them as a quick money maker. The most obvious way to protect yourself is secure storage. Wooden sheds have many weak points of entry which make life easy for a would be burglar. Unlike the traditional wooden shed, Asgard Secure Steel Sheds offer far better security at even our basic level. Made entirely from steel and featuring 3 point locking, an integral metal base and no external screws Asgard sheds are some of the most secure on the market.

We regularly test the safety of our sheds, and our Centurion Series was the most recent to be put through its paces. The Loss Prevention Certification Board thoroughly tested the Asgard Centurion and attempted to break in via several different methods, all to no avail! Don’t believe us? Watch the videos here from the official tests:

Motion detector lights are worth their weight in gold. The brighter the better, and will startle anyone attempting to get into your garden. These become even more efficient through the winter as its literally almost always dark! And the dark is a criminal’s friend, so take that away and you leave them feeling vulnerable.

Protective shrubbery and spike plants can be both effective and attractive. Having to force their way through a spiky bush will make burglars think twice before committing to the crime. Nobody wants to injure themselves, criminals included.

Possibly the easiest bit of advice is to keep all your possessions and belonging indoors and safely out of sight. If they can’t see what they want to steal, they don’t know it’s there to steal. It’s a rather easy way to protect yourself from the miserable news of finding out you’ve been burgled.

With all this in mind, we wish you an incredible winter holiday and a happy new year! We can’t wait to get 2016 under way and make it an even more incredible year!

Team Asgard

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