What is Secured by Design?

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Asgard design and make secure metal storage units here in the United Kingdom. The level of security that these metal storage sheds have is of such high quality that a number or professional accreditations have been given to them. One such accreditation is ‘Secured by Design’, which means that Asgard sheds have been designed to be highly secure, in order to deter break-ins.

About Secured by Design

Secured by Design was established in 1989 and is a group of national police projects that focus on the design and security of new and refurbished homes, commercial buildings and car parks. The accreditation also acknowledges quality security products, as well as crime prevention initiatives. The idea is to ‘design out crime’ with secure structures and processes.

Working closely with the industry to test buildings, so that a high level of security can be achieved, Secured by Design can respond to trends in crime and create key standards for the security of constructions and architecture. The scheme has proven to reduce the risk of crime, as well as give the general public peace of mind in their surrounding environments.

Why are Asgard Sheds so Secure?

Asgard storage sheds are made from heavy-duty steel and include an integral metal base. These sheds are pick and drill resistant, have dead bolts and welded hinges. They are also supplied with ground bolts, which allow the shed to be bolted to the ground which gives the structure added security. You also have a choice of 5 point, 3 point or 2 point locking systems.

Don’t forget these highly secure sheds are simple to assemble, but if you need some assistance our installation engineers can erect the shed for you.

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