What does LPCB approved mean?

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What does LPCB approved mean?

LPCB Certified Sheds - Why are they Important? 

If you’ve been browsing our metal garden sheds, bike boxes, motorcycle garages or ATV storage units you’ll have noticed that a selection of our sheds has been approved by the LPCB, but what exactly does LPCB mean? LPCB stands for Loss Prevention Certification Board, this organisation has been working with industry and insurers for more than 100 years to set the standards needed to ensure that fire and security products perform effectively. If you purchase a product with the LPCB stamp of approval, you’ll know that you are getting the best and most secure shed that will reduce the risk of theft and/or fire. 
You can view Asgard’s Loss Prevention Certification Board individual shed certification numbers here. You can also view our company certification on our website here.


How are LPCB products tested?

Our Centurion shed been put under the test by Loss Prevention Certification Board


Depending on the product type, different testing procedures will take place. To gain LPCB approval of an intruder-resistant building, such as an Asgard shed, a manual intervention attack test was completed. This test involves using the following tools to simulate an opportunist attack: adhesive tape, 1 cable cutter – 150mm long, fishing line, flexible plastic coupon, 1 glass cutter, hexagon wrenches, hooks, 1 knife – blade 125mm long x 3mm thick, 1 lever, pliers, punches (and kicks), rope, 1 screwdriver, 1 scriber, socket/screwdriver set, spanners, traction screws, tweezers, wire, WD40 and wood/plastic wedges. Each of our high-security LPCB approved sheds has been tested by this method, so you know you are getting seriously tough storage.


What security features make Asgard sheds LPCB Approved? 

Our Annexe, Centurion and Gladiator metal shed ranges feature a series of additional security features to help defeat the thieves. They are manufactured from tough and heavy galvanised (weatherproof) steel (1.2 / 18swg) and include an integral base to stop thieves prising up the shed from underneath, creating 360-degree protection around your bike. The bases also come with pre-drilled holes to bolt the shed down to your base, increasing security further. All our sheds are built from the inside-out so no exposed screws are accessed by thieves. 
Our high-security sheds also feature reinforced panels and reinforced doors with bracing bars and welded hinges, and is fitted with an EN1303 rated i6 Titan lock. The lock is tested to the highest level of durability, temperature and corrosion resistance, and features special security elements inside to make it pick-and-drill resistant. The shed handles are also designed to shear off in an attempted attack, leaving part of the cylinder fully operational, preventing access to the thief. With all these security features, our sheds passed the LPCB level 1 test and are safe and secure to store your bikes in. You can see these features have been tested by LPCB here, it’s worth putting the sound on too! 


LPCB Certified Sheds & Insurance Premiums? 

The Asgard Annexe, Centurion, and Gladiator units are all approved by the LPCB to level 1. This approved classification may help to reduce insurance premiums, however, please check with your insurer before purchasing as they may not have heard of us. Alternatively, Bennetts motorcycle insurance, Lexham ATV & quad bike insurance, and Yellow Jersey cycling insurance all offer discounts on your insurance premiums if you own and store your sports equipment in an Asgard high-security shed. You can find more information here.


LPCB & Secured by Design

You may have noticed, where our LPCB accreditation is mentioned, our Secured by Design (Police) approval follows! Secured by Design works with manufacturers (including us!), the construction industry, and standards authorities (such as Loss Prevention Certification Board) to ensure that security standards are current and updated to keep pace with emerging crime trends. To gain Secured by Design approval, the organisation looks at tests and certifications such as ones from LPCB, amongst other criteria, and labels our high-security shed as a ‘Police preferred specification’ - meaning, they’d prefer you to have a secure shed like this to help deter thieves and lower crime rates.  

To view our range of LPCB and Secured by Design approved metal sheds, click here.

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