If Wonder Woman Owned a Shed, it Would be Made of Metal

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If Wonder Woman Owned a Shed, it Would be Made of Metal


The last 5 years have seen an unprecedented rise in women outing themselves as owners of “she shed’s”. Using the hashtag '#womancave' and '#sheshed’ on Instagram, you can see a huge range of beautifully decorated microstructures which are a sight to behold!

Women are using these structures to grab some personal space to escape busy family life, and they’re not just wiling away the hours either. These fem-fancy spaces are being utilised to run businesses, indulge in artwork, create amazing crafting designs and read thousands of books in peace, all at the bottom of the garden.

And, as the trend rises, retailers have reported increased interest from female customers. A spokesperson for Garden Affairs told MailOnline: 'We have definitely seen an increase in the last five years in women buying garden rooms, as we call them, for their hobbies such as art, writing, pottery and other crafts as well as to use for music rooms.”

But, we don’t necessarily agree with the trend of ultra-feminising these garden sheds and, dare we say it, we’re not so sure it’s right! We believe that if Wonder Woman had to store her sword safely, it’d be in a metal shed!

These glamorous spaces are a long throw from what feminism is supposed to be about; the advocacy of women's rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes.

So, surely sheds should still be sheds, doing their duty in gardens across the globe for all the people they serve, not just the fella’s? Anything He-Man can do, She-Ra can do better, and she doesn’t need to hang a fancy chandelier to make it hers!

The women we know who are using sheds are sticking with the metal shed, and here’s why; versatility, longevity and security.

Although garden pods can be used for a range of activities, storing expensive items inside them can be risky. Windows allow people to peep! Passers-by might be tempted by the lovely goodies you’re so conveniently displaying for them, increasing the risk of opportunistic burglaries and planned strikes alike. It’s like putting it all on a platter, right?

Likewise, the beautiful décor does more than go against our idea of feminism. It may attract compliments but, they stand out. As Cheetara (our favourite Thundercat!) once said,

"I am a woman! You hold no mystery for me!"

Women don’t need fancy curtains on an outbuilding to draw attention to what should be their secret escape! It’s counterproductive! 

Decorating in this way can also result in unwanted attention from those wishing to take what is not theirs. Metal sheds, whilst providing a solid structure, also provide heavy-duty, reinforced doors, welded hinges and heavy-duty panel construction. An integral, full metal floor which can be bolted to a concrete base (for even more security) is an additional feature of the Gladiator metal shed, all of which combine to create peace of mind, longevity in investment and maximum security.

Here at Asgard, the Centurion and Gladiator sheds are both Police approved, keeping your valuable space, items and décor secure. They also come with 5-point (pick and drill resistant) locking systems and feature a deadbolt system inside. These benefits merge to keep thieves out, and yourself in, if you’re really being bothered by the family!

And, metal sheds are versatile too! We’re not snubbing rugs and cushions here! Just because we don’t believe that all women would want a traditionally “feminine” space, doesn’t mean they can’t have one. The versatility of metal allows for soft furnishings, light fixtures and flooring to be added wherever the mood may strike. There is no end to the luxury and personality that can be reflected in this space just in a safer and more enduring way. After all, we’re all individuals with our own tastes, and what strikes one person as shabby-chic and fabulous, might just be another shelf to dust in their busy lives! So all we’re suggesting is that there is something for everyone out there; Just ask yourself, what would Wonder Woman do?

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