The Charlotte Diaries and Asgard Sheds

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Charlotte Diaries and her Asgard Bike Shed

The Charlotte Diaries gets an Asgard Bike Shed

Asgard Secure Steel Storage was approached by Instagram Influencer and blogger Charlotte Hughes from “The Charlotte Diaries”.  Charlotte was looking for a secure bike storage solution for her new home. With her fantastic lifestyle blog concentrating on luxury goods and recommendations, Charlotte was searching for a premium product that focuses on security and quality. Together, we examined the available space she had, following a quick discussion we soon found Charlotte was looking for a weatherproof metal shed that would comfortably fit in 3-4 bikes. Charlotte decided on our Access shed, finished in a cool grey, the shed was a perfect fit and the perfect match for her outdoor space.

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What does Charlotte think of the Access Bike Shed? 

“My Asgard is a complete game changer! I just adore it. We have no access to our back garden from the front which was a big issue for storing and accessing our bikes. We have neatly placed our Asgard to the front of our home and it tucks into one of our car parking spaces incredibly well whilst still leaving more than enough room to park. Additionally, the Asgard Access looks sleek and is incredibly durable. I honestly couldn’t recommend enough.” - Charlotte Hughes, The Charlotte Diaries

What is/ who are “The Charlotte Diaries”?

Charlotte Hughes created The Charlotte Diaries to pass on her love of recommended and researched luxury holidays, restaurants, beauty tips, home, garden and fashion purchases. Her blog has been a huge success, growing a following of over 40,000 followers on Instagram, as of March 2021 - but watch this space! The concept of her channel focuses on first-hand recommendations from someone who has physically experienced a product, with Charlotte taking into consideration the quality of the product and whether it is value for money. She is very selective over the brands she works with, ensuring The Charlotte Diaries is your go-to trusted resource when it comes to a wide range of lifestyle purchases.

‘I want to protect my brand as a trusted resource therefore I will only recommend incredible brands that stand the test of time.’ - Charlotte Diaries.

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Why did Charlotte pick the Access bike shed? 

The Access bike shed features a 3-point locking system which includes two heavy-duty external (steel plated) shrouded locking points and an integral steel deadbolt locking bar inside the doors, helping to protect her bikes. Due to the location of Charlotte’s bike shed, accessibility was important, the Access metal shed features a gas-assisted lift-up lid and double door access, making it easier to grab the bikes and cycling equipment. 

As with all Asgard sheds, the Access is designed and manufactured in our West Yorkshire facility and is built from tough, galvanised (weatherproof) steel and features a heavy-duty integral metal floor, and a unique hidden ventilation system in the roof to minimise any shed condensation. The Access bike shed can hold up to 4 bikes* and plenty of riding equipment,  which fitted perfectly with Charlotte’s storage requirements.

To find out more about the Access shed, click here. To find out more about the influencers we work with, click here

*Depending on the make and model of the bike.

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