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Rowley Clifford Cycling

Asgard Bike Shed & Rowley Clifford

Asgard Storage continues to impress professional athletes, fitness fanatics and industry experts alike, with Rowley Clifford of Wahoo Fitness becoming the latest expert to opt for an Asgard Access bike shed. Rowley approached Asgard in 2021 for help and advice on storing his bikes at his new flat. As his new garden didn’t quite have enough space for our huge(!) Centurion Police Approved Bike Shed (x6) or our other larger bike sheds, Rowley opted for the Access for 29ers - an 8x4 metal shed designed to store up to 4 bikes and riding gear.

“We were more than happy to support Rowley in keeping his bikes safe and secure. As a top cycling industry expert, the fact he approached us for bike storage is really flattering, I think when someone of Rowley’s background likes your product, you must be doing something right” - Andy, Asgard

What does Rowley think of the Asgard Access Shed?

"I used the time before delivery to create a nice flat base for the new beast, and once the guys had delivered it only took me an hour or so to put it together single-handedly. It would have been half the time had I had an extra pair of hands!! Even so, instructions are super clear and if you've got a decent drill I'm sure anyone could figure it out.

The quality of the shed is fantastic - as you can see in the picture I've got all my kit in with space for another bike at least. If I didn't have all the other junk which goes with living in a flat without enough storage space, you could easily fit 3 adults bikes and a couple of kids bikes.

The way the bike shed goes together and the locks provided make it feel an absolutely bomb-proof bike shed. Seriously, I reckon this thing could withstand all sorts. Earthquakes, nuclear war, you name it - maybe even the most determined bike thieves in London!! The hydraulic lifts also feel really strong with a smooth action so no qualms there at all. 

Thanks a bunch to all the folks at Asgard for an excellent product and even better service. Thoroughly recommend!” - Rowley Clifford

Rowley Clifford's Bike Storage

Who is Rowley Clifford & why did he choose the Access shed?

Rowley Clifford is the Marketing Manager for Wahoo Fitness, a global fitness brand specialising in indoor bike trainers, GPS bike computers, cycling sensors & heart rate monitors designed to optimise your cycling training. Based in the London office, Rowley is at the centre of the company's UK presence, and isn’t only a cycling expert but a fitness fanatic too, often out on his bike cycling around the south of England. 

With limited space in his garden for bike storage, Rowley opted for the secure Access bike shed as this compact storage shed offers a good balance between security and a small footprint at just 8ft x 4ft**. The Access’ 3-point locking system (with deadbolts) and integral, full metal base offers excellent bike security, all designed to help to beat the UK weather and reduce the risk of bike theft, and with a large lift-up lid and double door access, it’s easy to manoeuvre bikes in and out as well storing all riding gear! All in a single, heavy-duty, weatherproof storage shed.

Rowley joins a growing number of industry experts and influencers who turn to Asgard for help and advice. To see more famous faces who use our sheds, check out our British Athletes and Influencers pages. 

To see more on the Access Bike shed, please click here

*depending on the make and model of bike.

** approximate

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