Protection from bike theft with Asgard

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Protection from bike theft with Asgard

Asgard have designed a range of bike storage capable of storing all of your bikes in a safe and dry manner.

The access (pictured below in Ivory) is a bike shed we have designed to store the whole familys bikes, together.
Easy access is the key to this unit - a large (reinforced) lift up lid (powered by gas struts) and two reinforced double doors give you plenty of room to wheel your bikes in and out  The double doors are reinforced and feature a dead bolt for extra excurity - Further security is provided by the two shrouded locking points at either side of the unit where your level 8 rated locks are hidden from view.
Inside you will find an integral, full steel floor, giving this unit fantastic strength and stability ... if these are not enough features.. then hidden in the roof you will find discreet ventilation holes, giving un restricted air flow inside the unit when closed - reducing condensation.  Keep your bikes and equipment not just safe, but also dry!
Read more on the main Access bike shed page here.
Customer comments:
"I bought my Bike Storage x 4 to use for storing 2 children's bikes and a whole heap of garden tools and outdoor equipment in our back garden. While security was an important issue, the high build quality was what attracted me to this unit rather than others. The unit is very secure, sturdy and well constructed giving that fantastic winning combination of an excellent piece of practical and well crafted design as well as top quality manufacturing that makes the unit feel like it will last a lifetime."
"The internal shelves and hooks provides an easy and tidy way to also store the whole range of cycling extras such as helmets, pumps, as well as gardening tools in my case.Thesales side of my purchase was also excellent. I emailed to ask a question whether I could use the unit on stable decking rather than concrete and I got aknowledgeable and trusted answer immediately to say yes. When asking about delivery dates I was put in contact with an engaging person who I felt took thecare and responsibility and proactive follow up to ensure I received the unitwhen they said I would. The guy who installed it for me was courteous and took pride in what he was doing and the company he worked for.  This really is how service should be done and I really appreciated and enjoyed receiving thisnowadays rare level of excellence from the whole team."
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