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MTB Athlete, Josh Lowe Gets an Access Bike Shed

Josh Lowe, a British MTB star, becomes the latest athlete to choose an Asgard outdoor bike shed to securely store their pride and joys; a couple of downhill bikes and enduro bikes. With limited space and the need for secure London bike storage, Josh was looking at our Annexe Police Preferred Bike Shed or our Access Plus Bike Shed. Josh decided on the Access Plus, a 8ft x 4ft MTB shed designed to fit up to 4 bikes, and installed it himself. 

"I live in a city with a small amount of space so Asgard has been a game-changer for me! Up until now, I have stored my Downhill and Enduro bikes and spares in my living room, effectively turning it into a garage. The Asgard Access Plus fits like a glove on my patio, fits my big bikes perfectly and I know they are safe." - Josh Lowe, MTB Athlete

Asgard outdoor bike storage

Who is Josh Lowe?

Josh is a professional MTB athlete, riding for YT (Young Talent) Industries, and is part of the YT Mob - a diverse team of multi-sport athletes who race in competitions across the World. As a downhill racer, he competes in Nationals, European Cups, and World Cups and in 2021 he raced the Red Bull Hardline where he was voted "Rider of the Week". Josh has over 48k of followers on Instagram and 25k subscribers to the YT Mob YouTube channel. 

Why did Josh choose the Access Plus Bike Shed?

The Asgard Access MTB shed is our most popular model due to its large bike capacity (up to 4 bikes depending upon make and model) and easy access. Featuring a full-length gas-assisted lift-up lid and two double doors with a 5ft 3” opening - the Access gives you a walk-in outdoor bike shed in a low design, making it unobtrusive in the garden.

As with all Asgard bike sheds, the Access range is manufactured in the UK from tough galvanised (weatherproof) steel and features an integral metal base that can be bolted to the ground to stop any would-be thieves from prising the shed up. The Access shed features a 3-point locking system (with deadbolt) for added security and we supplied Josh with our level 8 disc padlocks for secure outdoor bike storage. 

Josh Lowe Outdoor Bike Storage

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