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Motorcycle Workshop & Garage For Home

The Motorcycle Workshop & Garage - (The Garrison)

Introducing the Asgard Motorcycle Workshop

New to 2024, the enormous Asgard Motorcycle workshop weighs in at an impressive 99 stone and has a 10ft x 11ft footprint.

This heavy-duty workshop has been designed to accommodate multiple motorcycles and all of your riding gear and bike maintenance tools in one super secure garage. Despite being huge, the Asgard workshop usually requires no planning permission and is built in around an hour by the Asgard installation team (This unit is provided with full delivery & installation).

Accessories and Customise

The Motorcycle Workshop is supplied as a fully installed, complete unit ready for your own customisation. Add in hooks, shelves, hangers, and even workshop benching to create your own fully equipped, customised bike workshop in your back garden.   Add in the guttering kit and not only can you work on your bikes, but wash them in free rain water!!

Secure Motorcycle Garden Workshop 

Made from heavy-duty galvanised metal, the Motorcycle Workshop Garage has been tested and approved by the Secured By Design Team and the Loss Prevention Board, and could potentially attract discounted insurance from insurance companies* such as Bennetts and Bikesure. With a fully integral metal base, this garage is built from the inside out (like all Asgard sheds) with no exposed fixtures, and bolts to the ground thanks to our ground fixing kit - this is one tough unit! Like all our high-security shed ranges, reinforced doors, welded stainless steel hinges, door shrouds, locking bars, and deadbolts further add to the impressive security.

A Bike Workshop Shed Designed for Working In

Workshop Workbench

Used by the Best

Take a look around our customer base here and our pro users here see our industry case studies here.

“This is a real step forward for us here at Asgard, the motorcycle workshop is huge, a real engineering challenge trying to keep the security we are known for in such a large structure, yet keep the product affordable… and we did it!”  - Chris Raby - Designer, Asgard.

Designed & Made in Britain

Yes, all Asgard sheds and garages are 100% designed and made here, with locally sourced materials and labour, we consider ourselves a true British Manufacturer – take a look around our factory here.

"We just love pushing our manufacturing to the next stage, we are so fortunate to have all this manufacturing technology, we can make anything, nothing is impossible”  - Antony Bray - Designer, Asgard.

Still not sure… how about a series of mounting plates and grommet access for adding power, allowing you power tool use inside?…. How about a knockout plate in the front fascia for adding a camera or security light, giving you a fully functional, secure workshop? The Motorcycle Garage has them all.

Don’t want to lose your expensive workshop?

Don’t worry, if you decide to move house, simply pull the workshop apart and take it with you.  All Asgard sheds can be dismantled and rebuilt, that’s how we designed them! 

The Asgard Motorcycle Workshop, Secured By Design, Locksmiths Accredited and Certifed by the Loss Prevention Board.

Garrison Workshop Shed with Power

Motorcycle Workshop Build & Installation

The Garrison workshop is supplied with professional installation by Asgard's installation teams who have undergone specialist training to build this XXL shed. Due to the complexity of the structure and the additional shed height of 7ft 1", our engineering team has developed a special tool to support the roof during installation - this is why all Garrison sheds come with a professional install as standard

See the shed installation team build the Garrison shed:

See the motorcycle workshop here >

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