Mother Freckle’s Outdoor Bike Shed

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Family bike storage

Mother Freckle & Asgard Family Bike Storage

At Asgard, we continue to attract cyclists, industry experts and Influencers from many different backgrounds, all eager for help in supporting their hobbies or professions with secure outdoor storage.

Our latest Instagram superstar is Mother Freckle, who has recently approached Asgard for help and advice on outdoor bike storage, after receiving recommendations from the Instagram community. In need of a family-friendly bike shed, Sammi-Jo (Mother Freckle) opted for the Access Plus storage shed for her expanding family. 

“Since moving we haven’t been out as much on their bikes because they’ve been piled high in the shed (alongside everything else that can’t fit in the house) so this has been an absolutely amazing addition to the garden because it means the kids can safely get their bikes/scooters in and out and everything is as safe as houses. All made up in Yorkshire (Daddy Freckle’s old stomping ground) simple to build and made from heavy-duty steel there’s no chance these are going anywhere once locked away. Really impressed Now off we go, pray the weather holds up for us.” - Sammi-Jo, Mother Freckle

Who is Mother Freckle & Daddy Freckle? 

Sammi-Jo, and her husband Mike, are the parents behind Instagram accounts Mother Freckle and Daddy Freckle, a fun and unique take on parenting their (soon-to-be) 4 kids! Between them, they have over 60,000 people following their honest account of parenting. With discussions around the realities of bringing up children, Sammi-Jo also provides home-hacks and teams up with family-friendly brands to try and test products suitable for family life. 

As a parent myself to 1 child, nevermind 4!, outdoor storage space for bikes, helmets, trampolines and scooters is vital for clearing space in the house and encouraging cycling. We were more than happy to support Sammi-Jo with storage for her growing family and show Instagram’s parenting community family-friendly bike storage” - Andy, Asgard 

Child friendly bike storage shed

Why did she choose the Access Plus Bike Shed? 

When selecting a bike shed, Sammi-Jo had 3 main criteria; bike security, family-friendly and enough storage for her expanding family. As all Asgard shed’s feature no exposed screws and no sharp edges, an Asgard shed offers safe storage and bike security, especially in comparison to a wooden or plastic shed, ticking 2 of SJ’s boxes. Due to the Access’ strong steel construction, integral base and 3-point locking system (with deadbolts), the Access bike storage range is secure and robust, specifically designed to help prevent bike theft, giving peace of mind their families bikes are safe. 

“Super impressed It was easier to build than flat pack furniture, keeps everything dry and safe and the kids can safely get their bikes in and out as there’s no sharp edges inside or out. Brilliant quality and much more roomy than I thought, I can even fit in a very bulky pram and all the accessories for the bikes” - Sammi-Jo, Mother Freckle

Sammi-Jo’s last criteria (enough storage for her expanding family), led her to opt for the Access Plus bike storage as it’s designed to hold up to 4 adult bikes*, one bike for each growing child. This metal shed offered one of the best footprints-to-storage ratios, measuring approximately 8ft x 4ft, but providing ample storage space for 4 bikes and accessories. The Access’ unique double doors and lift-up lid, provides easy access to bikes, encouraging them to hop out on their bikes more frequently. Sammi-Jo selected the Access Plus in grey to match her fence, providing a secure and modern shed. 

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*Depending on the make and model of bike

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