Is this the ultimate bike storage?

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Is this the ultimate bike storage?

Insulated Bike Shed

As you know Asgard bike sheds are unique in their design and security features, with many built-in features helping to keep your bikes secure and protected them from bad weather.

However one of our customers has taken it one step further to give them the ultimate in bike storage. This customer noticed that due to poor positioning (too close to fences) moisture was creeping in from nearby plants, so a bespoke shed insulation solution was needed.

Enter the insulation roll from the local DIY store.  This was a perfect solution, by insulating the inside (for around £40) the inside temperature of the shed was raised by a few degrees - this simply stopped all moisture from forming inside.  So a clean, dry and secure bike shed back! 

Note: if you keep at least 1 meter clear all around the units, moisture & condensation is rare as all Asgard sheds are full ventilated.

More information about shed condensation here>


About the Access Bike Shed

The Asgard Access is our most popular bike shed - with dual locking points, an integral metal base, a huge easy access lid, and fully weatherproof construction you can see why!

Each Asgard Bike Shed has been designed here in Britain, made to order in our own factory, and delivered free to most of the UK.  Each rust-resistant shed comes complete with a 10-year warranty.

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