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Asgard Secure Metal Sheds & Instagram Influencer Yasmin

London Instagram Influencer gets an Asgard Bike Shed!

Asgard Secure Steel Storage was approached by Instagram Influencer, Yasmine Camilla, to find the best metal storage solution for her adult bike and 2 children's bikes in busy London! Bike theft is very common in London, so we could understand her worrying about getting the best outdoor bike store possible, and storing bikes safely outside. According to the most up-to-date statistics from the Metropolitan Police, 20,432 bikes were recorded stolen between January 2020 and October 2020. However, it is also worth noting that 71% of cyclists don’t tell the police about their bike theft, so the statistics may be higher.

When taking this into consideration, Asgard decided one of our Secured by Design (Police) approved cycle stores would be the best fit. After discussing the level of storage Yasmine required and the space she had available in her garden, we decided the popular Annexe bike shed, with its reinforced hinge, panels, and doors were the perfect fit!

‘I have always lived in London, and I love it, but space really isn't in abundance here! I'm super grateful to live in a house, with a garden and a driveway, but I was desperate to start riding a bike again and the idea of squeezing past a bike in my hallway on a daily basis with two small children did NOT appeal.

I was so excited to find the Asgard (bike storage) range, particularly with the variety of sizes and uses. I loved the bike shed that is Police approved, again, a London thing maybe, but it's not uncommon for bikes to go missing where I live.’ - Yasmine Camilla.

Asgard Sheds in Winter

Who is Yasmine Camilla?


Yasmine is a single mum of two living in London working full time, running two businesses. Yasmine created her Instagram page to share the precious moments with her children, making the most of the city they call home. Her Instagram has over 20,300 followers and she has built a huge community of like-minded mums and dads and women all over the UK.

Why did Yasmine Camilla choose the Annexe bike shed?


The Annexe metal storage shed may look like it’s small in size, often regarded as one of the best metal storage solutions on the market it can store up to 3 bikes and accessories! The Annexe steel bike shed has some fantastic security features, including an integral steel floor, a tough 5-point locking system, and even has built-in ventilation to keep your bikes and accessories protected from condensation.

‘The beauty of the shed is that I have been able to maintain my driveway, even though my front garden wasn't huge. I also LOVE that fact that we have this space to store all the other things children seem to want to use as mud transportation into my house! I keep the wellies and scooters in the new shed too.’ - Yasmine Camilla.

The Annexe outdoor bike store is also Secured by Design (police) approved, which means it has undergone rigorous inspections from a third party company (Loss Prevention Certification Board) to show its high level of security, in addition to Locksmith (UK) approved.

You can find Yasmine Camilla’s Instagram page here, and our range of high-security bike sheds here. We also have a list of tips on how to keep your bike safe here.

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