2x Champion Hayley Simmonds & Asgard Bike Storage

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Hayley Simmonds Team GB & Her Asgard Bike Shed

2x Champion Hayley Simmonds & Asgard Bike Storage

Twice Time Trial Champion Hayley Simmonds joins the growing number of professional athletes who store their bikes in an Asgard storage shed. Hayley was recommended to an Asgard shed by her fellow teammates and Asgard owners!

Asgard has helped many world champions and GB athletes securely store their bikes and equipment in our metal sheds. After discussing Hayley’s storage needs, the Access bike shed was the most suitable. This time, the Asgard installation team wasn’t required, with Hayley happy to build it herself!

‘Having an Asgard secure unit to store my bikes gives me incredible peace of mind. For the past 7 years there have been bikes stored in the spare room of our house and whenever guests have visited they have had to move into the main bedroom - the Asgard has at last enabled us to have a bike free home without any associated security concerns! ‘ - Hayley Simmonds.

Who is Hayley Simmonds?

Hayley is a road and track British racing cyclist with an impressive medal collection. A twice British time trial champion, Hayley’s also won medals at the 2018 Commonwealth Games and 2019 European Games, and in 2015 set a new British national 10mile time record! Hayley now rides with the UCI Women's Continental Team Ciclotel, and is at peak fitness after suffering from a broken elbow in 2018.

‘The best thing is that there is also space within the unit for my shoes, helmet and spares so everything I need for training is all in the same place. It has truly improved our living situation in so many ways.’ - Hayley Simmonds.

4 Bike Shed From Asgard

Why did Hayley choose an Access bike shed?

The Access x4 is a compact bike safe measuring just 7ft x 4ft, while holding up to 4 bikes*, making it ideal for people with a large collection of bikes but minimal outdoor space. One of our most popular storage sheds, the Access features double doors and a lift-up lid giving you full access to your bikes and cycling equipment, an added bonus Hayley particularly liked as she could store all cycling gear in one place. As with all of Asgard Storage units, the Access is designed and manufactured in the UK from galvanised (weatherproof) steel and features a 3-point locking system, shrouded level 8 padlocks, and an integral base for complete security and protection for your bikes.

Catching Up with Hayley

We caught up with Hayley a couple of months after to see how she's getting on with her bike safe.

“The Asgard is brilliant. It honestly gives me such peace of mind with my bikes. I got a light for it a few months ago to make seeing slightly easier with the darker evenings but it has daily use and is still probably my favourite bike related acquisition in the past year - honestly a life changer! I think I might get a few more to give some extra illumination in our outbuilding.” – Hayley Simmonds.

To find out more about our Access range please click here, or to find out more British athletes and their Asgard sheds, please click here.

*depending on make and model of bike

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