GB Cyclist Ali Fielding & his Bike Storage Locker

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Bike Locker Storage - Ali Fielding

GB Cyclist Ali Fielding gets an Asgard bike locker

With some of the best storage solutions available in the UK, Asgard’s range of metal lockers and bike sheds have become the go-to bike storage for professional cyclists and industry professionals. Ali Fielding, part of Team GB’s Track Sprint team, is the latest star to become an Asgard shed owner, requiring a secure bikebox for his multi-tiered patio style garden. 

“I just wanted to say a massive thank you already! Just shown Fearn the shed and we both love it loads! It was really great to meet you all as well! I really appreciate what you’ve done for us! This will make such a difference. There’s not a great deal of storage space in my house, so this was a very welcome addition to the back yard to keep my bikes and garden tools safe and secure. I can’t recommend them enough.”
Ali Fielding

Ali Fielding is a British and Scottish track cyclist and is currently a World and European medalist! Based near Manchester’s National Cycling Centre, Ali approached Asgard for help to safely store his bike, and with only a narrow space up 3 flights of stairs available, our Twin bikebox storage shed was the best solution. As this model doesn’t have a floor, for added security we included our new ground anchor kit, cable and lock for a double layer of protection. 


“This install was tricky, the location was like nothing we had seen before, 3 tiers of steps, and a wobbly base, but with the packing kit and getting some serious steps in on our Fitbit we did it.” - Stuart, Asgard Shed Installation

Why did Ali Choose the Twin Bike Locker & Ground Anchor?

Asgard Bike Locker Storage

As space was at a premium, the Asgard Twin Bike Locker was an ideal outdoor storage solution measuring just 900mm wide x 1900mm deep with a door opening of 850mm. Manufactured in the UK from galvanised (weatherproof) steel, the bike shelter is designed to protect bikes from the harshest of British weather - something Ali will certainly need in rainy Manchester! 

The bikebox has a whole host of security features including a 3-point locking system with an EN1303-rated pick-and-drill resistant lock and handle that's designed to snap off in an attempt of an attack. Whilst this bike storage locker has no base, the bikebox does bolt to the ground for extra security, ensuring it safely keeps your bikes locked up.

“The addition of our new ground anchor is a real plus in our shelter/ lockers, an extra level of security, this was the 1st time we had fitted one, it’s a beast of an anchor and chain combo.” - Andy, Asgard

As Ali relied on his bikes for his lively hood, we suggested adding one of our new Sold Secure and Secured by Design (Police) approved ground anchor to his base, providing an extra layer of protection and giving him peace of mind. 

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