Eve Muirhead OBE gets an Annexe Sports Equipment Storage

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Eve Muirhead OBE gets an Asgard sports equipment storage shed

Olympic Curling Champion Eve Muirhead OBE gets an Annexe Outdoor Shed

Olympic Curling Champion & World Champion Eve Muirhead becomes the latest sporting star to opt for an Asgard outdoor shed to safely store her sports equipment. After discussions with the Asgard shed experts, Eve chose the Annexe Secured by Design (Police) approved shed - a compact and secure sports equipment storage measuring just 6ft wide x 3ft deep.

“Absolutely delighted with the Asgard and the service! It’s provided me with more secure space, which means I can get even more golf clubs, bikes and curling brushes which I really don’t need!” - Eve Muirhead

Who is Eve Muirhead OBE?

Eve Muirhead OBE is an Olympic Curling Champion, winning Gold at the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing, following a Bronze medal win at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi. Her success is not only in the Olympics, she's also a World & European Champion, winning the 2011, 2013, 2017 and 2021 championships too! Her role within the Curling team is a ‘Skip’, the captain of the team.

Why did Eve choose the Annexe Outdoor Shed?

The Annexe sports equipment storage shed is a 6ft x 3ft outdoor shed designed to hold an array of sporting equipment including bikes, golf clubs, curling brushes, balls and more, with double doors for easy access. Its low compact design finished in a cream finish is non-obtrusive, offering secure storage suitable for small spaces and patios. 

Secure outdoor storage for sports equipment
Annexe police approved sports shed


Secured By Design Storage:

Eve’s main concern was security, opting for the Annexe Police approved shed, the smallest high security shed in our range. The Annexe’s reinforced hinges, doors and panels, plus a 5-point locking system with EN1303 rated pick-and-drill resistant lock and snap-off handle design is certified to Loss Prevention Certification Board level 1, and approved by the UK Locksmiths and Secured by Design (Police). Alongside Asgard’s galvanised steel carcass with an integral base which can be bolted to the floor, Eve’s sports equipment is safely stored away.

"Eve has picked a great shed in the Annexe, one of our oldest designs now, but still a popular choice - Secured By Design approved and Loss Prevention Board Tested, the Annexe is a real tank of a shed - its low profile makes it very discreet in any garden, so very popular in smaller areas." - Andy, Asgard

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