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Ciara Horne and Lewis Oliva use an Asgard Bike Shed

British Cycling Ciara Horne & Lewis Oliva get an Access Bike Shed

British Cycling & Welsh Cycling stars Ciara Horne and Lewis Oliva are the latest athletes to approach Asgard for help and advice on storing their bikes safely and securely at home. Ciara and husband Lewis are two more athletes joining the growing number of professionals to choose Asgard for their bike storage needs.

Not only were they impressed with the secure bike storage, but as health professionals, Ciara and Lewis liked our continued support and commitment to the Blue Light Card discount scheme offering discounted goods and service to all NHS and emergency service workers.

“Lewis and I are incredibly grateful for our stunning new bike shed which comfortably stores our bikes (with lots more space for gym & Pilates equipment too!) and ensures our bikes are kept 100% safe at all times. We feel exceptionally lucky, thank you Asgard secure steel storage.”  - Ciara Oliva née Horne

Ciara Oliva ans Asgard Cycle Store

Who is Ciara Horne & Lewis Oliva? 

Lewis & Ciara Oliva (née Horne) are Welsh cycling stars, with Lewis currently retired from cycling to pursue a career in medicine. An impressive couple, Ciara is a Double European Team Pursuit Champion and World Championship medallist on the track & road. She reached the Rio 2016 Olympics as an unused reserve rider for the team pursuit squad, alongside team members and fellow Asgard riders Laura Kenny and Elinor Barker! In 2017, a collision with a car whilst cycling to work shook her confidence on the road and questioned her safety, however she has continued to cycle. Ciara works as a Physiotherapist and APPI Pilates instructor.

Lewis Oliva is a Silver Medallist for the Men’s Keirin at the 2018 Commonwealth Games. During his cycling career, he has won five world cup medals and various European and world championships. Lewis has recently qualified as a Junior Doctor after balancing the 2018 Commonwealth games with Welsh Cycling, and Cardiff Medical School. He’s not ruled out returning to the track, however, has enjoyed a busy schedule within medicine.

Why did Lewis & Ciara choose an Asgard Access Bike Shed?

Due to its lift-up lid and double doors making the shed easy to manoeuvre bikes in and out of, the Access is one of our most popular sheds. The Access’ compact footprint of approx 7ft x 4ft holds up to 4 bikes and is ideal for those cyclists who need to securely store multiple bikes and equipment. As with all Asgard bike sheds, the Access is made from thick galvanised steel and features an integral base that can bolt to the ground for added security and strength. With a 3-point locking mechanism and internal deadbolt, the Access can help securely store your bikes. Keeping your bikes safe and dry.

Access Bicycle storage shed with lift up lid

To see more athletes who use our sheds, visit our Athletes page, or to find out more information on the Access metal shed, click here.

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