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Cargo Bikes are growing in popularity in the UK, but not just for carrying goods around. There has been an increase in parents transporting their children around by Cargo bikes, which are proving to help them save money and time getting around.

Cambridge and London have seen a huge growth in Cargo Bikes, with many parents using them for the daily school run; as the cities suffer from gridlocked traffic on the morning commute. Cargo bikes are helping parents beat the morning traffic and helping to save money, with some parents saying that by switching their morning school run they have saved around £1,000 per year.

Cargo bikes mainly come with two or three wheels and can come with or without an electric assist. Two wheel bikes are more popular as they as easier to operate if the cyclist is used to riding a normal bike.  However the capacity of the two-wheeled cargo bikes does tend to be lower, three-wheelers have a greater carrying capacity with some cargo bikes being able to take up 8 children.

Cambridge Cycle Campaign.

roxanne with Asgard Gladiator

This summer we were contacted by Roxanne from Camcycle as she was looking for somewhere safe to store some of her Cargo bikes; as the bikes themselves are wider than normal bikes. Roxanne opted for the Gladiator Cycle store in Ivory. The metal bike storage unit is our widest and most spacious cycle store, which is perfect for Cargo bikes as they often don’t fit into existing bike storage units and stands. The police approved bike locker will help keep the charities bespoke Cargo stall bike safe and dry when it’s are not in use.

Cam Cycle Cargo bike Charity

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Camcycle, the Cambridge Cycling Campaign, is a cycling charity based in Cambridge. It works for more, better and safer cycling for all ages and abilities. The charity believes cargo bikes are a vital part of the solution for cleaner, safer streets and is organising the UK’s first Cargo Carnival in 2018 as part of the Cambridge Festival of Cycling.

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