Be King of the Hill this summer with Asgard Propane Gas Storage

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Those of you, who were fans of the popular American animated television series King of Hill, will no doubt fondly remember the shows lead protagonist Hank Hill, a hard working family man from Texas.

Hank was the assistant manager at the local branch of Strickland Propane, where he sold propane gas and propane accessories.

A lot of us will identify with the three times winner of ‘Propane Salesman of the Year Award’ during the summer months, when we’re hanging around in the backyard, drinking the odd beer with our family and friends, whilst leaning over burgers and sausages, sizzling away on the barbecue.

Speaking the beloved barbeque, Hank Hill always had something to say about the popular method of cooking during the warmer months of the year “Strickland Propane, taste the meat, not the heat”, a statement many of us head barbeque chef’s will agree with.

Follow Propane Protocol

Whether or not you’re familiar with Hank Hill and acumen for the propane industry, you will know that using propane is something that requires a few safety precautions. The main safety precautions, as outlined by Calor Gas are as follows.

  • Do not subject the gas bottle to heat – this could increase the pressure inside and exceed the safe limit.
  • Do not try to disconnect or unscrew a regulator from any cylinder if the flame doesn’t go out.
  • Never store or use gas bottles in cellars or below ground level.
  • Always store gas bottles at least 2 metres away from un-trapped drains, unsealed gullies or cellar openings.
  • Avoid storing Propane gas bottles indoors.
  • Never use Propane-fuelled appliances inside residential properties.

Hank Hill knew that storing propane gas cylinders was no joke and so do we at Asgard. That’s why we have gas bottle storage solutions to suit all of your needs.

Gas Bottle Storage Approved by Calor (and probably Hank)

Asgard, have some excellent storage solutions for propane gas cylinders, which have been approved by Calor, the UK’s leading supplier of propane gas.

As mentioned before, to store propane gas you must keep the bottles away from heat, never store them indoors, in cellars and at least 2 metres away from untapped drains and unsealed gullies.

Storage solutions such as the Gas Bottle Storage x 2 provide the ideal solution, for safely and securely storing your propane gas.

Propane Gas Storage x 2

Here are some excellent reasons you should consider using an Asgard gas storage shed.

  • As with all our products this gas bottle storage unit is made from galvanized steel.
  • At 30kg in weight (that's 4.8 stone) - Asgas 38 gas store, suitable for everyday use.
  • Produced in conjunction with Calor Gas - a leader in the supply of gas products.
  • Designed and made here in the UK by Asgard - supplied with a 10 Year Warranty.
  • An open back and vented sides - allows air circulation and gas diversion.
  • Pre drilled top rail for a regulator to be fitted - (regulator not included).
  • A lift up lid allows inspection of the regulator - without unlocking the unit - in an emergency.
  • Features a large access door - easy to load and unload cylinders.
  • Fitted with a utility company style lock - allowing your gas supplier to gain entry.
  • Fitted with a security rail at the rear - chain your bottles to the back rails for extra security***.
  • Includes an integral base - for strength and security.
  • A choice of colours available - to suit any environment - great for holiday homes and caravans.
  • Virtually maintenance free - no repainting or rotting - 10 Year Warranty.
  • Manufactured in the UK by an established manufacturer with over 50 years of experience.
  • Free UK Mainland Delivery* - to most of the UK


Relax and Enjoy Summer

Even though Hank Hill was a keen DIY enthusiast we’re pretty sure he would want to take a break from assembling flat-pack items, all over his home and garden, once in a while. That’s why these gas storage units come fully assembled ready to fit neatly into your garden or outdoor area.

So there you have it, a propane gas storage solution Hank Will would have been proud to sell as Assistant Manager of Strickland Propane. Enjoy your summer and endless propane fuelled barbecues!


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