Asgard Sheds - Made in Britain

Asgard sheds made in britain

Asgard Sheds - Made in Britain

Asgard Secure Steel Storage is proud to be British Manufacturers. We design, manufacture, and deliver every product ourselves,
and each one of our metal garden sheds, motorcycle storage, and bike sheds are made at the same Yorkshire based factory site
since we started. We have a highly qualified team of Designers & Engineers who create our fantastic products and continuously
assess feedback from customers, industry experts, professional athletes, and their own experience of using Asgard sheds. The
result is a fantastic continuous Product Improvement Programme – our sheds are good and they just keep getting better.


“I’ve been here for 20 years, it's been satisfying to be part of Asgard growth, every year we seem to be making more sheds. It’s been really good to see the company investing in new machinery last year, it has made a big difference in the way we manufacture our sheds.”

– Basil King, Production Engineer.


Asgard manufacturing plant
Made in our West Yorkshire manufacturing plant

The designs have not come about by accident. Our Bradford
steel factory is set-up to manufacture large runs of office furniture under the sister brand Flexiform Business Furniture, Asgard metal sheds was a natural progression, to fully utilise
our factory and supply chain.

Drawing on nearly 50 years of manufacturing experience,
the design team quickly adapted to creating market-leading, high-quality metal sheds. Since that 1st prototype in 2001 we have gone from strength to strength, the design team has produced a shed for almost everything!



“Thanks to the great designs our teams created, Asgard continues to be a success! Our original cycle storage design came from my own need for a bike shed at home, from there the range just grew. The Asgard caravan storage range was born out of our old Engineering Manager needing somewhere to store his patio furniture at his caravan. We’re about real products for real people.”

- Andy Heath, Asgard.


A British Supply chain in manufacturing

Being a British manufacturer is important to us, the North (as we are part of the Asgad are part of the Northern Powerhouse!) and our customers. We source as many local suppliers as possible, our steel is from Manchester, our paint from Yorkshire, and our wooden subfloors are locally produced from sustainable sources.

Even our website was designed down the road! Our staff all live around the Leeds-Bradford area, and we use a combination of our own drivers and two local delivery companies to deliver our sheds. We consider ourselves a truly British manufacturer.

Access metal bike shed
Popular Access all metal bike store


“Sometimes it might cost a little more than going overseas, but by buying British goods and components we reduce lead times, and keep the economy healthy both locally and nationally. The other upside is we minimise our environmental impact by not shipping components in from overseas.”

- Ray Parker Jnr., Transport Manager for Asgard & Flexiform.


multi-million pound investment
Multi-million pound investment into our factory

After implementing continuous improvement strategies to increase capacity and efficiency, in 2019 Asgard began a
multi-million-pound investment, modernising machinery
and software across the business. This investment brings
more jobs and opportunities to the local area and will see
Asgard grow with the support of our customers and staff.

Asgard is incredibly proud to be British designed and British manufactured. Check out our range of secure metal sheds
here. Check out our new machines getting installed here.

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