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Apex garden storage shed

Introducing the Saracen Police Preferred Specification Garden Shed

Our secure garden storage range has a new member of the family - The Saracen. The Saracen is part of the Centurion family of Secured By Design Police-approved sheds. This 5x4 walk-in garden shed is packed with features that help to keep all of your tools and equipment safe and dry.

“The Saracen may look familiar from the front - it has all of the Centurion family's great features but is smaller - with a compact 5ft x 4ft footprint. For me, the Saracen makes a great tool shed especially when kitted out with shelves across the back of the shed.” - Chris Raby, Head of Engineering.

Saracen electric tool storage shed

What is the Saracen designed for?

The Saracen is designed for people with smaller gardens or limited space. Whilst it’s ideal for gardeners with easy access to wheelbarrows, pots, spades etc… its proportions are fantastic for keen DIYers and trade professionals where you need to store everything from a tall ladder to a lot of valuable smaller tools and equipment - all made easier with its full-width rear shelves. The garden shed is also now electric-ready with a grommet hole and electrical mounting plates to add power to your shed, helping you charge tools while keeping them securely stored away.

Measuring 5ft wide x 4ft deep, this walk-in shed has an internal apex roof height of 6ft 6”, making it comfortable for most users to walk straight in.

Is the Saracen a Secure Shed?

The Saracen joins our collection of high-security sheds that are accredited by the UK Locksmith Association, Loss Prevention Certification Board level 1, and Secured by Design (The Police). The Saracen garden shed has all our high-security features including; a 5-point locking system that includes deadbolts, an EN1303-rated pick-and-drill resistant euro cylinder lock (tested to the highest level of durability, temperature, and corrosion resistance), and a handle that is designed to shear off in an attempted attack, all helping to prevent unauthorized entry and protect your equipment. 

>You can see the LPCB testing here. 

This super secure shed is manufactured in the UK from weatherproof (galvanised) steel and features strong, stainless steel welded hinges and a fully integral base for full 360-degree protection. For an extra layer of protection, our sheds can be bolted to the ground to help to prevent thieves from prying up the shed in an attempt to gain entry. 

“Our high-security sheds have been called ‘bomb-proof’ and ‘tanks’ by customers for a reason! They do offer full protection for valuable tools, helping to deter and slow down any opportunist thieves. Cyclist Monica Dew had her Annexe police-approved shed aggressively attacked and we were glad to hear they didn’t get in - a great testament to our high-security sheds”  - Andy, Head of Marketing

Is the Saracen easy to put together?

The Saracen shed is easy to assemble and install, but like all Asgard’s we do offer installation. See our shed installation team install the Saracen: 

> You can see the Saracen shed instructions here.

How can I kit out my Saracen Garden Shed? 

To fit out your Saracen garden shed add on hooks, rear-fitting full-width shelves (maximum 4 per shed), an LED magnetic light, and a wooden subfloor. The Saracen is available as a standalone shed or with one of our complete bundle packs, which include all the accessories you will need. 

> See the Saracen Garden Shed bulk pack here.

What colours does the Saracen come in? 

The Saracen garden shed is available in 3 colours; contemporary grey, natural forest green or light cream/ ivory to complement any garden design. Durable and long-lasting, this all-metal shed is designed and made here in the UK. Delivered free to most of the UK mainland* and supplied with a 10-year anti-perforation warranty.

> Check your postcode for free delivery here. 

To celebrate the launch of our new shed, we’re offering 15% off the shed and bundle pack for a limited time only. Enter ‘HELLOSARACEN’ at the checkout. Ends 03/01/24.

*Offer is only available on the Saracen shed and bulk pack. Excludes delivery and installation if applicable. Only on products over £100.

See the Saracen shed

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