Best garden security in the UK?

Where can I get the best garden shed?

Asgard supply a lot of people, with a lot of sheds but which is the nations favourite shed?  

Our head of market research has this to say:

"With the recession hitting hard everywhere, unfortunately petty crime is on the increase. Many of our new customers have been recent victims of garden theft. This is normally a handful of tools taken by an opportunist to sell online. In recent months we have noticed that the recent trend is to target expensive bikes, (figures show cycling sales are up massively month on month because of the price of petrol people are returning to 2 wheels for their main mode of transport). So there are more bikes on the road, so more bikes to steal (both cycle and motorcycle)".

top selling garden security units

"So, we are finding a huge increase our cycle and motorcycle storage units, these dedicated bike stores are often only a fraction of the value of the bikes in them.  The new best selling garden sheds are our heavy duty LPCB approved ones".

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