Asgard metal storage customer complaints

Customer complaints

Asgard don't always get it right, but where ever possible we will try and remedy any faults as soon as possible.  We sell thousands of units every year, every now and then we do miss something.  Please tell us and we will try and fix it as soon as possible.


"It is hard work putting it together and a power screwdriver should be a must, as there are loads of self tapping screws and by hand screwdriver, it's very hard work.

I found the delivery process poor.  I am unsure why it takes five weeks when the driver told me the stocks were high. In addition the driver delivered the wrong storage box and as I had traveled a long distance to install it I was not pleased.

However, customer service were great, and a replacement box was specially arranged for the following day, so no complaints."

Asgard solution - all items are made to order, this order was placed during our summer maintenance shut down, hence the extended delivery time.  Asgard to provide better communication to customers during summer shut down.



"My Asgard shed is great. Had a small mix up with the bolts but soon remedied. Assembly would be difficult without an electric screwdriver. Overall very happy."

Asgard solution - new bolts sent to customer.



"I was really disappointed to discover missing panels in my Asgard order.  But to your credit the next day all the missing parts were there."

Asgard solution - fault fixed.


"The lock broke within a week. You said you would fix it and you did."

Asgard solution - fault fixed.




"Thank you for the delivery of the shed today.  We have put the shed together and realised that it has come without a wooden flooring and shelf. When we ordered the shed it was on an offer to come with a wooden flooring and shelf. See attached email order confirmation.

We are a bit disappointed as the shed is incomplete without the flooring. Is this an oversight or was your website incorrect at the time we ordered from you?  I note this offer is no longer on your website".


Asgard solution - Internal error with the website ordering system.  Missing parts sent.  Also a complimentary Shed Alarm system was sent to the customer by means of an apology. 



"I've built the shelter and it's great. We can fit 4 mountain bikes in it which is impressive. (3 All-mountain mtbs with wide bars and 1 xc mtb.) The only grip and it's not really a gripe is the wait for it. However now I have it I can confirm that it's well worth the wait."


Asgard solution - standard 4 week lead time was in force for a busy period.  No action was required.


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