The NEW Asgard Vertical Bike Locker

The Vertical Bike Locker - . from

Asgard always listen!  Asgard products are designed for you.  The latest product from the Asgard design team is the vertical bike locker.

Asgard tell us.....

This tough bike storage is different from all of our other products, we normally design units for regular riders (with multiple bikes) or families.  The vertical bike locker holds a single bike  vertically!



"The beauty of this product is that it takes up almost no floor space, its fantastic for clearing space in the garage or shed.  Also, as it is totally weather proof, its just as comfortable standing outside in the garden.  We think this is the most secure vertical bike locker on the market, with a 3 point locking, pick resistant lock and unique to Asgard an integral full metal full.  All galvanized to prevent rust and all covered by a 10 year warranty".

"We have added our own twist to this product.  A heavy duty up and over wheel guide helps you to guide the bike into the locker, then a front wheel retaining clamp drops down over the front wheel to clamp the bike securely.  Leaving space either side to hang bags and helmets and ample space on the integral floor for shoes etc"


The best in bike storage from asgard