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Tough and secure - our range of bike lockers have been designed to keep two bikes out of sight and protected from the weather.  Made from heavy duty galvanised steel with 3 poibnt locking systemsm, these cycle sheds are an excellent deterrent for thieves. 

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Customer review:

"My Asgard secure bike store was installed on time and the chaps were very friendly and incredibly helpful. The unit is brilliant and has already with stood what appears to be an attempted attack by someone. The paintwork has chipped where the robber appears to have tried to jimmy the top part of the door open but thankfully they did not get in. The door hasn't warped at all and after a bit of touch-up paint, everything is good. A real shame that there are so many bike thieves about but I'm so glad that Iinvested in the Asguard secure storage because otherwise my brand new bike would now be in someone else's hands!" - Charles

A pricey item but worth it for what is some very solid storage. I'd recommend self-build, which is quite easy and will save you some money. Delivery does take quite a long time, so plan ahead if you are on a schedule. Some screws and sealant were missing from my delivery, but were sent on quickly when I reported it. Although this says it's a 2 bike lock up, I can fit a third (with wheels off) plus all sorts of other gubbins. - Chris

"My Asgard bike locker is great. Had a small mix up with the bolts but soon remedied. Assembly would be difficult without an electric screwdriver.  Overall very happy." - Mr Collman

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