Storing 3 bikes in an Addition bike store

Addition bike store - storing three bikes - customer review

The addition bike store has been designed to store 3 bikes in a safe and secure manner - It doesn't matter what type of bike you are lookign to store - mtb, road cyclocross or just the kids bikes!  They will be safe and secure inside the heavy duty, galvanised panel construction.  With a tough 3 point locking system and heavy duty roof, this is an exceptionally secure shed.

With over 30 years of manufacturing excellence we at Asgard feel that we know a little about bike sheds.  However good our BSI rating is or the press hailing our bike sheds as the "best they had ever seen" and "Bomb proof" it is always good to get the view and opinions of our real customers.  See a customer comment below about our 3 bike - bike shed.

Customer comments:
Very satisfied with this bike store - it arrived on time, the guys fitted it into my garage quickly and exactly in the position I wanted it, and I have no complaints so far. It feels very solid and I suspect it'll be pretty tough to break into. I would point out that 3 x 60cm frame racing bikes are a bit of a squeeze, and if you have thirty grand's worth of exotic Italian bikes then they are likely to rub together a bit. I'd also slightly question the real-world value of the shelves, but that's a personal opinion. Overall this does exactly what I want it to. - RB
Fantastic product!!!I spent alot of time researching secure bike storage and bike stores and time and again Asgard came out on top. Ordering was quick and easy, the delivery service was great and the product itself is fantastic quality (leaps and bounds ahead of the metal sheds from most DIY stores and online retailers). Solid and very well finished with assembly taking just over an hour.Everyone I dealt with including the delivery team were helpful and professional. It was a nice change to deal with such a well organised company. I can't recommend Asgard bikestores enough! - Mike
"I am really pleased with the bike store and the quality of the service I received from you.  I am particularly impressed with the quality of the store, it is very well made and looks great fully assembled". - Richard in Aberdeen.