couldn't fault the delivery process

The Strong and Secure Asgard 4 bike storage provides excellent security....

Strong and reliable bike storage from a UK manufacturer.  Asgard design and manufacture a range of secure storage units for keeping your bikes safe from theft and the weather.  This customer chose the Asgard Access, a bike shed designed to store up to 4 bikes securely.  The Access features reinforced foors, a lift up lid and an integral metal floor - all giving this unit superb strength.  Level 8 rated padlocks, locking shrouds, bracing bars and a 3 point locking system, make this our best selling bike shed.

Customer comments:

Bought my 4-bike unit last spring and couldn't fault the order/delivery process-plenty of communication! Two man team turned up on time and after two hours and two cups of tea, the bike shed was erected. I went for the additional wooden floor which is both sturdy enough to take the weight of 4 bikes as well as keeping everything off the metal floor which may accumulate a limited amount of condensation from time to time.

the best in cycle security

There are vents in any case to minimise condensation and after experiencing the wettest year (2012) on record I can vouch for the fact that the contents remained bone dry throughout! The two security locks are well protected from being tampered with by a would-be thief. I paid a higher price than the current one so value for money should now be a notch higher!

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