Twin bike locker reviews

The twin bike locker - customer reviews

A small selection of customer feedback for our twin lockers.  Our twin lockers are exactly what they seem.... Tough bike lockers, designed to store 2 bikes!   Weatherproof storage made from heavy duty steel and featuring a 3 point locking system - these are serious storage units.

Read some of our customer testimonials.......

"My bikes are very happy!" 

"The store went up relatively easy and once the basic frame had been built I was able to finish the job on my own (no longer needed the help of my missus and three year old)." Bob Hills
"I bought a 2 bike storage unit for our mountain bikes and I have to say the quality of the unit is second to none and the peace of mind I get when I lock my bikes away is great. It has freed so much space up inmy garage. Thank you." Paul Barron
"The Twin Bike Locker from Asgard is one our recent launches  based on customer demand and feedback so its always good to hear how our customers respond to the bike storage unit. And luckily its proved to be a great hit as we've had some great positive comments such as the one below, with possibly the most attractive garden we've seen so far! We love how the Asgard Twin Bike Locker fits in neatly with their garden and surroundings.
"We're really pleased with the shed. It is a very tight fit for two bikes but it's manageable with a bit of practice. If it was about 3 inches wider it would be perfect. That aside it seems really well-built. We have surrounded it with a sedum roof and fence - see the attached photo"

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