Time to start gardening

Take up gardening in 2013 

It's a new year and for many gardeners now is the time to start planning. What do you want to grow and where? Will you be trying something new this year or sticking to your tried and trusted? If you are new to gardening then everything you experience in your garden will seem daunting. Don't be dismayed, here are a few tips that will keep your spirits up even if nothing seems to be going right.

Don't blame yourself for gardening failures

If everything doesn't go right straight away don't be surprised or disappointed. Sometimes gardening doesn't go to plan and you may not end up with those flourishing rose bushes you dreamt of (well not straight away). But don't be disheartened, being a good gardener doesn't come naturally to everyone, you may need some practice before you get it right. Even if you are a green fingered god, you can't predict the weather and only a real god could make something grow during a flood!


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