5ft Wide x 14ft Deep

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Asgard's range of large sheds includes the 5ft by 14ft size, which offers an impressive depth for storing all your outdoor equipment and belongings. These sheds are built with high-quality steel panels and are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, providing you with a reliable and durable storage solution.


One of the key benefits of Asgard's 5ft by 14ft sheds is their ample storage space. With a width of 5ft and a depth of 14ft, these sheds offer plenty of room for storing large items such as lawnmowers, bikes, and other bulky outdoor equipment. They are also ideal for storing household items that require a safe and secure storage space.


Asgard's 5ft by 14ft sheds are designed with security in mind. They feature reinforced steel panels and a three-point locking system, which provides maximum protection against theft and unauthorized access. Additionally, they are weather-resistant and rust-proof, ensuring that your belongings are protected from the elements.


One of the great advantages of Asgard's large sheds is their versatility. You can customise them with a range of accessories, such as shelving and tool racks, to create the perfect storage space for your needs. They can be used as a workshop, a home office, or a storage space for gardening equipment and other outdoor items.

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