How will you protect your new bike in 2013?

Don't underestimate the importance of bike security

The ownership and use of cycles have risen dramatically in the UK over the last few years. As we become more aware of the environmental impacts that cars have on the environment, the benefits of regular exercise and the costs of operating a car, more people are now using cycles to combat those very problems.


Will you be cycling in 2013?

Using a cycle clearly creates less pollution, greenhouse gases and depletes the finite resources far less than a car. Cycling is an excellent way to exercise and causes less damage to the body than jogging for instance (which often damages your knees leading to long term health issues), whilst the maintenance costs associated with a cycle is a fraction of that of owning a car.
 Cycling Is The Growth Area For 2010


Many people overlook the need for specialist cycle storage

Cycles are relatively easy to steal and resell if you don''t believe us try looking at some of the excellent online bike forums out there. Almost all have a stolen bike section, where you can post serial numbers of missing bikes in the hope they may find their way back to you.  Latest Home Office figures report an increase in bike thefts. We are currently experiencing a cycle crime wave with a staggering 220 bikes stolen every single day in the UK.
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How will you protect your new bike in 2013?