Garden Thefts To Soar As Clocks Go Forward

Garden Thefts To Soar As Clocks Go Forward

By Liz King & Ali Steed


GARDEN thefts are set to soar now we have moved into British Summertime, going up last year at the same time by nearly two thirds, according to data from Halifax Insurance.Those who enjoy making the most of their gardens are being warned that before pulling out the patio furniture and spending time in their gardens they should take time to secure items that are appealing to opportunist garden thieves.

The average cost to replace items stolen from the garden is £429, and with the nights getting lighter because of the clocks going forward, there is a greater chance of thefts from outside the home rising. Last year, claims for garden thefts went up by more than half in the summer compared to the winter months, according to Halifax Home Insurance's data. Martyn Foulds, senior claims manager for Halifax Home Insurance, said: "Homeowners can forget to pay as much attention to security of the outside of the home, but with many people now realising how much value they can add to their property by improving their gardens, there are now rich pickings for thieves, so now is the time to take steps to avoid becoming the next victim." You should always check that your home insurance policy covers thefts from the garden, for items such as stolen plants, trees and shrubs, garden ornaments and furniture, and barbecues.You should also make sure that the contents of your garage or shed are covered under your home insurance policy.  

 Follow these top tips to stop garden thieves:

  • Ensure garden sheds, gates, garages and outbuildings remain securely locked at all times.
  • Put bricks or stones in the bottom of patio tubs to make them harder for thieves to carry.
  • Mark valuable items such as patio furniture and ornaments with your postcode, and keep photos of your garden valuables in case anything is stolen or vandalised.
  • Join a local Neighbourhood Watch scheme, or if there isn't one in your area, why not start one?
  • High walls, spiky fences and prickly bushes can make it more difficult to access the garden
  • Gravel on driveways can help you to hear someone approaching your property
  • Avoid leaving tools, lawnmowers and bicycles in the garden always lock them away out of sight.  Remember tools and ladders can be used to break into the home too.

Source: Halifax Home Insurance

The top ten hotspots for garden theft last year were:

  • South London
  • Bradford
  • Edinburgh
  • Glasgow
  • Newcastle upon Tyne
  • Manchester
  • Leeds              
  • Bristol
  • Southampton
  • Richmond and Twickenham

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