Garden theft hints and tips

Protecting Your Garden

Many people invest a lot of time and money in their gardens. Plants, shrubs, water features, solar lighting and garden furniture can be very expensive and are all very attractive to a thief.

Extra attention should be given to passageways located atthe side or rear of your home. Strong lockable high gates will deter thieves attempting to gain access to your rear garden.

Fencing and walls can be given extra protection by  putting trellis on the top. This will collapse if someone tries to climb over it and the noise this causes can be enough to alert you or your neighbours and so deter a thief.

If you are planning to build a path in your garden or around your property consider using gravel. The noise made when this is walked on can alert householders to any approach.

garden theft prevention

Plants and trees can be very attractive to a thief andd difficult to secure. If you are buying expensive plants or trees and intend planting them into plant pots then buy the heaviest you can.

Expensive plants should be planted where they can be seen from the house or neighbouring properties. Never leave spare keys hidden in your garden, garage or shed for children or family members. If hidden keys are found by an intruder and used to burgle your home you may find your home insurance is invalid.

Good lighting is an excellent way to deter intruders, particularly by putting exterior lights with dusk to dawn sensors.These are light sensitive and activate when it gets dark and turn themselves off when it gets light.Using low wattage bulbs provides a cheap and effective security measure for your garden.

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