Garden Safety

Be safe in your garden

Storing your garden tools safely not only extends their life but also additionally ensures nasty accidents are avoided. When selecting your garden storage area, be it a garden shed, garage or storage cupboard; always ensure it has adequate room for not only tools and equipment, but also for you to move around freely. Having to climb over things to get what you need puts you in a hazardous position.

Make Your Garden Safe For Children

This may sound obvious but you would be surprised! Never leave any tool lying around on the floor and make sure all entrances and exits are free from trip hazzards. A nasty fall onto a sharp garden utensil can have fatal consequences. 

Always keep the area clean, tidy, and serviceable

Never leave garden tools on the ground when being used out in the garden. One of the greatest causes of injury are rakes left lying around with their tines facing upward. A rake handle slamming into your face with sufficient force to cause severe injury. Comical as this may sound, this is a common garden injury that is definitely no laughing matter.

These are tools not toys

Never allow children to play in your storage area. This area contains tools not toys. It is very easy for a child to injure themselves or someone else while trying to use your tools as part of their fun.

Ensure your garden storage area is lockable. This will not only reduce the possibility of theft, it will additionally stop children having access to hazardous tools, sprays, and equipment. Look for a good quality metal shed with a good quality locking system.

If you have children around your home objects like knives, edging shears and secateurs are best stored in a locked cabinet or drawer where they are safely out of harms way.

Garden sprays and spraying utensils should also be out of reach and secured safely away in a metal storage shed unit with some type of locking mechanism
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