Cycle to work scheme reports record bike sales

UK Bike Sales Increase

According to the Association of Cycle Traders, sales overall have increased by 20% on an annual basis in June. One of the main reasons is the success of the Government's Cycle to Work scheme, which allows consumers to buy a bike out of their salary before it is taxed. On top of this tax-break, the bike is also free from VAT.

cycling to work

This can save customers hundreds of pounds on top models. To give you some idea of volume and in the 1st 6 months of 2009 the amount of vouchers redeemed was 26,000, compared with 35,750 throughout the whole of 2008 

Total sales in 2009 the Cycle scheme reported sales of £22.7m

Roger Geffen, campaign coordinator at CTC, the national cyclists organisation, said: "We are now confident that the resurgence of cycling is not just a London phenomenon, it is truly national. And that has to be good for the country's health, environment and well being."

Are you an urban commuter?

Are you an urban commuter?

If your a city cyclist or ar thinking of joining the Cycle to Work Scheme - read the full article from our Shedforce blog here.