How Your Shed can Become an Extra Room in your Garden

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How Your Shed can Become an Extra Room in your Garden 

Asgard shed - a room in your garden

The humble garden shed; a place where you fling all the stuff you can’t be bothered to organise in the house; a place so disorganised and chaotic, it’s like stepping into an unknown dimension, full of dark scary objects you don’t ever remember being the owner of.

Of course, it doesn’t have to be this way. Your shed doesn’t have to be the scary cousin that nobody really speaks to, in relation to your beautifully designed home. A shed can be part of your home, with just a few tweaks here and there. In this blog post we’re going to give you some important pointers on how a shed can add value to your home, which of course will benefit those looking for a new home, as well as homeowners.

The Telegraph reported that us Britain’s are spending more time socialising at home. With more time being spent hosting dinner parties and entertaining friends in the garden; more and more equipment such as BBQ’s trampolines for the kids, and garden furniture is being bought. Cumulatively, this can amass a large spend on outdoor based possessions that simply won’t fit inside the house. Often when we buy such items, we neglect to think about where we’ll actually store them.

If you’ve ever tried to sell a house; clutter can have a negative impact, giving the impression that there’s not enough space. This happens quite often when outdoor equipment is kept inside the house; taking up vital space, where normally indoor items would be kepts. The answer to this problem is having a secure place outside, in which valuable possessions can be kept safe, organised and out of harm's way, which is an important factor when looking for a family home.

What kind of shed really adds value to your home? Here’s a list of important points to take into consideration when buying a shed that will add value to your home.

  • It must be secure and approved by insurance companies.

  • It must be able to keep out wet weather conditions that could potentially damage your possessions inside.

  • The locking system needs to be pick and drill resistant. Unless you have a visible CCTV camera and/ or alarm system outside, your shed will be the most vulnerable room of your house. Left on its own in the garden, opportunist thieves often see sheds an easy target.

  • A long-lasting shed, ideally with a 10-year warranty will assure potential homebuyers that little or no maintenance will be required in the upkeep of the shed. Confidence in a shed is key, if it’s to add value.

  • It must be made from tough materials. Sheds are often made from wood, plastic or metal. Wood and plastic are susceptible to fire damage and can easily be broken into using everyday tools. However, a metal shed, especially Asgard sheds, which are built from the inside-out can resist all sorts of things; even ram raid attempts with cars.


If you’d like to find a shed that has all of the above qualities and can actually add value to your home and fill homebuyers with confidence, when evaluating the overall security of a home, look no further than Asgard’s garden sheds. They’re designed and manufactured in the UK and have 40 years of British engineering excellence behind them. If there’s a shed you can trust, it’s an Asgard shed.

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