Why we use galvanised Steel to create Asgard Sheds?

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Our Asgard Sheds are made with galvanised steel as this helps to make them strong, durable, sustainable, tough and weather resistant.

What is Galvanised steel?

This is a process where a protective zinc coating is applied to the steel to help prevent rusting. The most common way of galvanising steel it hot-dip galvanising this is where materials are submerged into a bath of zinc, this way you can have various levels of galvanisation. The steel used to create our Asgard sheds is fully Galvanised ensure that they can stand the test of time in heavily weathered conditions we have in the UK.

With a huge history of over 200 years proving its performance, and longevity, there are a vast amount of examples proving its performance. Here are some of the benefits as to why we use this material to create our metals sheds.

It’s sustainable:

The long term durability of galvanised steel has a low impact on the environment in terms of energy usage, meaning that the steel is energy efficient throughout production and it’s entire lifecycle.

It’s tough:

The process of galvanising means that steel becomes rust resistant, and hard wearing. Perfect for an outdoor shed that can be homed in a variety of environments, and left outside for years and years.

Long life:

Galvanizing provides an easy to clean surface which can give a maintenance-free life of over 50 years. (This is dependent on the environment it is being used in). When maintenance eventually becomes necessary, it is straightforward: no complex preparation treatments are necessary.

Our Asgard sheds are made out of galvanised steel, which helps ensure longevity as well as creating a corrosion resistant surface we are able to offer reassurance that your steel storage will withstand anything you can throw at it.

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