Water conserving gardening tips

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Water conserving gardening tips

With summer temperatures in the UK rising, millions of home owners have been told to ration their water usage, as water demand has risen by up to 50%.

If you need to be careful about the amount of water you use, you’ll be particularly conscious about how you use water to feed your flowers and garden. At Asgard, we’ve got some top water- conserving tips for summer gardening, to help you make sure that you aren’t being wasteful.

Choose the right tool

A soaker hose or a sprinkler wand is the most effective for watering plants.

Don’t over water

Not only is this wasteful, but it could lead to root rot. You should aim for soil to be slightly moist.

Water in the morning

While it’s still cool outside, is the best time to water your garden. Watering at this time allows plants to soak up water during the day and less of the water will evaporate in the heat of the day.

Water at large intervals

It is best to give your garden water in larger amounts at longer intervals, than it is to apply small amounts often. In hot weather, plants should be watered every 3 days depending on the type. Container plants will need watering more often as they cannot draw moisture from the surrounding soil. 

Hopefully with these tips, you'll be able to use less water and still keep your garden looking great! 

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