Vangard metal shed - reviewed

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Vangard metal shed - reviewed

"Dear Asgard, thanks for recent help with my new metal garden shed. As promised I have written a small review based on my experience. I placed an order for a new storage shed from Asgard called the 'Vangard'. After comparing several sizes of sheds, I decided on a smaller one measuring just over 5 by 3 feet in Dark Brown which would go with the garden fencing.  Although it took nearly 4 weeks to deliver, I am very satisfied with the product once it had been built. The instructions were easy to follow, and with my brother helping me out, it took around 45 mins to put the shed together.  Just to point out that you do need to have a flat level base to build the unit it on.  I was planning on installing the shed on a concrete base which had a very slight slope(maybe a couple of centimetres max) but was advised to level it out as it would affect the door opening access once it had been built.

I am quite surprised about the difference in quality between the Asgard metal shed I bought online from Asgard and the metal sheds I've seen on the B&Q website. Although they are both roughly the same price, the metal shed from B&Q is made from a corrugated sheets of metal and is very flimsy compared to the shed from Asgard which is made from thick steel panels and weighs 12 stone!

Overall, I would recommend if you need extra storage space without it taking too much room in your garden and doesn't require any maintenance at all compared to a wooden shed. The website also states that the Asgard shed comes with a 10 year warranty so this is a good buy if you need a top quality shed to last you a few years. Just be aware that you will need to wait a few weeks to get one as they are made to order". - Helen

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