Vandals target allotments and garden sheds

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Vandals target allotments and garden sheds

Allotment crime is a real problem faced by plot owners. Just like breaking into someone’s home, this is an invasion of privacy, which can have a devastating effect.

A recent mindless crime carried out by vandals in a Banbury allotment plot.  Plot holder Alan Lake has been left devastated by the damage the vandals have caused. The criminals broke into the garden shed on his plot, stole a number of lawnmowers and set the shed on fire.

Alan said “This is a terrible act of vandalism and we are really angry and upset at what has happened, we couldn’t believe it.

“We all really enjoy coming up here, tending to the garden and speaking to friends and we don’t know why they have done something like this.

Chairman of the allotment association Tony Jarrett, said  “We are all gutted that it happened by stupid and mindless vandals. Taking the machinery is one thing, but to burn the shed it was in is another. I am at a loss for words at what has happened.”

This is the first major incident to occur at the allotment, however plot owners have said that they won’t let this mindless crime deter them. Read the full story 

When it comes to protecting your allotment from theft, there are only so many things you can do to keep thieves at bay. An Asgard high security storage unit can help you protect your gardening equipment from vandals. Our high security sheds are manufactured from tough weatherproof steel and are fitted with a tough 5 point locking system and advanced security features to keep thieves out.

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