Unsecure Sheds Still Under Attack

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After the recent spate of allotment thefts in Staffordshire we are now seeing the phenomenon rear its ugly head in the London borough of Sutton. Over the last week there has been an increase in attacks on local allotments in the area. Police report that gardening equipment and cash have been taken from allotment holders sheds. Many of the burglaries have been done by cutting a hole through the wooden roof of the sheds takenn advantage of the unsecure nature of traditional sheds. Locals have seen people on top of sheds and challenged them, enquiring as to what they are doing there.

In the previous week Sutton had seen a mini crime spree in which sheds were broken into, windows smashed and even some sheds completely flattened. As a place in which many people keep equipment that has fairly high value, sheds are becoming more and more of a target.

These acts of criminality are disappointing and disheartening. However, there are steps you can take to prevent the Great British allotment from being a target or your back garden for that matter. By switching from a wooden shed to a metal shed your security vastly increases. As a functional place to keep your equipment that allows you to enjoy that relaxing time tending to your garden a metal shed is perfect. They are designed for security purposes and far out strip the protection you enjoy with a wooden shed.

You need a place to store your tools and equipment for your gardening. A metal garden shed provides a safe, functional and affordable alternative. If you want to enjoy your relaxing time in the garden or at your allotment take away any fears of your equipment disappearing by investing in a metal shed. To bolster that security and give you even more peace of mind you should invest in a shed alarm that fits easily and securely into your unit. Giving you an even more relaxing time in the garden.

If you would like to know anymore about our metal sheds or security systems go to www.asgardsss.co.uk and have a chat with one of our team via our helpful live chat service and they will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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