Unsecure Allotment Sheds Broken Into

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Police in Staffordshire are currently searching for a group of youths who broke into Crown Bank Allotments in Talke Pits, stealing the entire contents of 10 of the on-site sheds. All of the sheds ransacked were standard wooden garden sheds, none of which were fitted with shed alarms. We are urging allotment holders nationwide to consider changing to take extra precautions to prevent the theft of expensive items such as power drills and other valuables such as this happening again.

This burglary comes just months after another nearby allotment break in Audley Allotments where the offenders not only ransacked the contents of sheds but smashed greenhouses and burnt down sheds.

The police are now arranging for the allotments to be fitted with shed alarms, however there are more steps of action you can take to prevent further shed break ins or damage being done to your plot.

We'd firstly recommend investing in a metal garden shed, although not as appealing to the eye as a wooden shed the advantages in security are astronomical. The whole idea in a shed is to provide a secure location for you to store your belongings. If you have an allotment where you are finding yourself bringing your power tools home at night then you obviously don't trust the security your shed is providing and therefore there is not much point in having one at all.

A metal shed provides a cost-effective method to store your equipment safely as unlike the majority of wooden sheds they are designed purely on their security instead of their aesthetics. Here at Asgard all of our metal sheds are made entirely from extra tough heavy duty steel including the roof and the floor, keeping both burglars and rodents out. For extra security our sheds are also fixed with reinforced hinges internally as well as including thumb lock on the shed door which contains no less than two internal bolts as well as a hole to use your own padlock as extra protection if wanted. All of our metal sheds unlike wooden sheds are also insurance approved and fire resistant.

If you're still not convinced a metal shed will provide full security for your valuables you can additionally invest in a shed alarm which fits inside the shed unit and is activated by a remote control. The alarm has a detection range of up to seven metres and if it detects any motion will sound an 130db alarm which is enough to deter any thief.

If you'd like any-more information on our secure units or our range of shed alarms go over to www.asgardsss.co.uk one of our team on our live chat will be happy to answer any of your questions so we can prevent crimes like this repeating.

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