Tour De Yorkshire

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The New Tour de Yorkshire kicks off today! Since Le Grand Depart last year, Yorkshire has been plunged into the cycling spotlight and is now a visited destination for cycling routes. Cycling has grown more and more popular year on year in the UK since the monumental success of British Cyclists and Team GB at the recent Olympics.

Le grand Depart saw staggering numbers of spectators from all around the world which meant Yorkshire's Hotels were fully booked, the streets were lined with never ending fans, and the sheep even had makeovers. The success of the event can still be seen all around Yorkshire with the presence of Golden Yellow Bikes. Leeds city centre also has a series memorial plaque’s commemorating the historic event.   

It’s no wonder that Yorkshire is quickly becoming the UK’s home of cycling. But with today’s event about to kick off, we wanted to make sure you knew the routes, so you can find the perfect vantage point to watch this incredible event!

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