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We all know how incredible cycling can be for our health and fitness. We also know about the superhuman distances professional cyclists can cover daily. But maybe you didn’t know some of these incredible top cycling facts!  Want to know how long the tour de France is .????  then read on!


1. You can cycle at three times walking speed for the same expenditure of energy.

2. The Tour de France course is 2,277 miles long, which is further than from London to Tel Aviv.

3. Around half the world’s population is said to watch TV coverage of the Tour de France, which is broadcast to 188 countries.

4. The first ‘velodrome’ for cycle races was the Alexandra Palace Velodrome in 1902.

5. The first Tour de France was in 1903.

6. A cyclist uses one-fiftieth of the oxygen of a car making the same journey

7. According to, August is the most popular month for buying a bike.

8. eBay also tells us that shoppers who searched for a ‘single speed’ bike are more likely to also search for ‘vintage glasses’ and ‘Polaroid cameras’, while those interested in a ‘town bike’ look for ‘Barbour jackets’ or ‘Emma Bridgewater’.

9. In Cambridge, 29 percent of working people cycle to work. This is the highest figure of any local authority in the UK…but in the Netherlands, 27 percent of all journeys are made by bicycle.

10. The longest “tandem” was able to seat an amazing 35 people, and was a staggering 20 meters long.

11. If the number of cyclists was tripled, the rate of motorist-bicyclist accidents would be cut in half

12. A car is 20 times more expensive to maintain a car than a bike.

13. China has more than half a billion bicycles.

14. There are twice as many bicycles in the world as cars.

15. The world manufactures about 100 million bikes each year.

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