The Parcel Delivery Problem

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The Parcel Delivery Problem

Recently the news has been highlighting problems with courier firms and the Royal Mail over their handling of parcels.  This problem was made more apparent over Christmas when thousands of online shoppers were left disappointed, as their Christmas purchases failed to turn up. During December 2012 a massive 225,000 parcels failed to turn up.

Many customers also faced having their parcels being left in unsecure locations. Deliveries have reportedly been left in wheelie bins, thrown over fences or just left on door steps for opportunistic thieves to steal.  If you have ever had this happen, you’ll know how frustrating it can be especially if you have had to pay for delivery. Besides being sat at home all day, there is very little you can do to combat the problem. However help is on hand with our secure parcel delivery boxes. These are a must have item for any serious online shopper, as it will keep your deliveries safe until you return home. See our full range of parcel boxes

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