Team Sky & Jaguar: F-Type Concept

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After yesterday’s well deserved Tour de France rest day, things are beginning to get back into full swing. However Team Sky and Jaguar are attracting a lot of online attention. Jaguar has released a time lapse video of their F-Type Concept that has been produced for Team Sky in stage 20. It’s fair to say the car looks absolutely incredible, more so with its custom bike rack instead of a rear window.

So what else have they been up to that’s caught the imagination of the internet? Well, they’ve casually been setting world records and filming it with high end cinematic effects. Team Sky rider, and former Tour De France winner, Chris Froome is the first person to cycle from Britain to France. Chris Froome cycled non-stop through the Channel Tunnel service tunnel, resurfacing in Calais, France.

From start to finish it only took him around 55 minutes as he reached speeds of up to 65kmp/h. It may have taken him 20 minutes longer than the Eurostar tunnel but he eclipsed to 90 minutes it takes to cross via a commercial ferry. There were many doubters with regards to its authenticity as the video looks too setup. So Take Sky and jaguar have responded. They have released a behind the scenes video of the incredible feat and explain how they filmed it without closing down the Channel Tunnel. Just to give some security perspective of what was involved, the service tunnel is one of the highest security and well-guarded sites in both the UK and France!

This record setting stunt was a staggering 6 months in the making with all the filming plans and security and operations checks. As you just saw, the vast majority of things they filmed, had to be completed in a single take. And delays in filming and they were likely to be ejected from the site by the Channel Tunnels security department.

So there you have it, you’ve witnessed a man cycle deep under the British channel fighting his way to France. If you like this, then make sure you follow our twitter account @shedforce and keep up with all the incredible content that we share daily!

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