Taking Care of your Bike in Winter

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Bike covered in mud

Picture this, you come home from work on a winters evening, keen to get your bike on the road. You quickly pull off your tie and fling your shirt and trousers across the room, eager to put on your bib shorts.

You’re now ready and approaching the rickety old wooden shed where you keep your bike. You pull it out and hop on. Crunch! The whole thing has seized up and it won’t move. You’re cursing yourself for not keeping it clean and in a dry ventilated place. Your ride is over before it even started!

You swear to yourself this will never happen again and make plans to take care of your bike much better in the future. You will say something like “I’m the best cyclist in the local area”, like a vociferous blusterer who hides his faintheartedness with braggadocio, and “you can’t keep me of the road”, as you shiver and run back inside your warm house, unable to confront the horrific state of your poor weather damaged bike.

Keeping the weather out

Having a weatherproof shed is a big help to cyclists in the winter. Opening up your storage unit to find your bike both dry and unaffected by the winter weather elements is something that will aid any cyclist in keeping to their training habits.

Asgard sheds made from galvanised steel which is weatherproof. They are also heavyweight structures, which means no matter how much the wind and the rain batters these storage units, your bike will be safe inside.

The build-up of condensation can also be an unexpected issue during the winter. If condensation does build up and there is a sudden drop of temperature, the condensation could then freeze inside the shed and cause damage to parts of your bike. With an Asgard shed you get a clever ventilation system that’s built into the roof. This nifty addition to these metal shed’s, greatly reduces the risk of condensation build-up inside.

Additional tips for your bike in winter

If you’re cycling off-road in the winter months there will be a lot of mud that builds up in each and every corner of your bike frame. Make sure you clean down your bike before you put it back into storage. This will help prevent parts of the bike eroding.

Of course it’s not just your frame that needs looking after. Your chain needs some care and attention too. You should firstly clean out the mud and whatever else your chain has picked up from the ride and then cover your chain in lube such as GT84.

Stretching the cables from time to time will ensure that they keep the right amount of tension in them. You should also check the breaks are fully working before you put the bike away until your next ride.

Before putting your bike into the unit, you must make sure it is completely dry, Leaving it wet can cause mold to build up, which won’t be a pretty site, the next time you get it out.

Finally, remember to just keep riding your bike, because the more you use the less time it’ll have t seize up. As well as this you’ll get much more riding time which is always a good thing.

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