Summer motorbike safety

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Summer motorbike safety

As the weather continues to heat up, more and more motorcycles will be seen out on the road. However unfortunately, especially for the unlucky ones, this means more motorcycle accidents.  Even though motorbikes only make up 1% of the UK road traffic, they account for 10% of all road accidents.  These statistics show that motorcyclists are more likely to be in road accidents and tragically, this also means they are likely to be seriously injured and killed.

During the summer, extra factors can contribute to these accidents:

1) If you are only a summer biker, you will have less road experience. 2) People tend to speed more in good weather conditions. 3) Riders take risks such as cutting corners

Local police authoritative are urging motorcyclists to take extra care on the roads this summer, as they are the most vulnerable road users.

Top tips

1) If you haven’t been on your motorbike for a long time, consider some extra training to help prepare you for the road. 2) Make sure you wear the correct safety gear. 3) Check twice when changing lane. 4) Make yourself visible to other road users, eg. Turn on your headlights or wear bright colours. 5) Don’t break the law!

Please take care when riding your motorbike this summer. Be sensible and safe, so that you can ride your bike for many summers to come.

When summer is over, keep your motorbike storage securely in an Asgard metal garage.

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