‘Store’ De France is Heading Our Way.

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The Grand départ is now only a few months away and everyone here at Asgard can’t wait for it to get started - and for good reason.

It is claimed three million people could travel to watch the first three days of racing beginning in Leeds on Saturday 5th July with some estimates predicting a £100m boost to the region’s economy.

Hotels, B&Bs, guest houses and rented accommodation throughout the county will be full to the rafters of cycling enthusiasts, eager to take in the many attractions on offer - from the scenic splendour of the Dales to the shopping mecca of Leeds and historic York, there really is everything just a bike ride wherever your stay takes you.

However, for many accommodations, there is one potential problem that could really throw a spanner in the spokes - where do you put all those bikes? think about it - if you are catering for, let’s say, one hundred guests, half of which arrive on their prized possession, where do you store 50 bicycles?

Worry not - help is at hand. At Asgard, we stock a wide range of bike shelters and bike storage units, all built from tough, weatherproof construction that offer all the security and protection your guests demand.

We’ve noticed a significant rise in sales of bike shelters in recent months, especially to hotelliers and the like. This growth in orders has resulted in the factory now running 24/7 and increasing our workforce to 115 staff.

No matter what size you need, we will be able to accommodate you. Our cycle shelters can hold up to 8 bikes, allowing you to store them safely and out of the wind and rain - something not entirely uncommon in Yorkshire, even in July!

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