Staying Safe in Spring

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Spring is here, stay safe!

All of a sudden it actually feels like spring might actually be here. The sun is actually shining and gardens are coming back to life after their prolonged winter hibernation. Despite all the associations we have with spring meaning summer is round the corner and all the joy that it brings, spring also comes round with increased crime rates. We want you to be protected from crime at all times, so we’ve put together this list of extremely simple things you can do to avoid becoming a victim of crime.

Lock all your doors even if you’re only in the garden. This sounds incredibly simple right? Well opportunistic thieves know that if you’re in your garden, you’re not in your house. Many people have become victims of crime whilst never actually leaving their property. They leave a side door unlocked, or a window open to let some fresh air into the house. Before they know it someone has reached in a grabbed something of value without them even knowing. If you are going to have your windows wide open, just make sure any expensive possessions are securely hidden away, out of reach and out of sight. Simple tip we know, but it’s incredibly effective!

Keep any garden gates locked. We told you this was going to be a simple and effective list. Like a door or window that’s left ajar, an open garden gate is an inviting proposition for a would be burglar. Close and lock your gate and avoid tempting and criminals onto your premises.

Securely store all your gardening equipment. With spring and summer comes more time in the garden, and finally making use of that patio table set you have. Some people start to feel safe and comfortable and in some cases leave their gardening equipment out in the open. This is an incredible no, no, regardless of the time of year. You should always make sure that everything is safely and securely locked away. The two safest places for these belongings are inside your house, or within a secure steel shed with an integral metal base. The integral metal base significantly increases a metal sheds ability to remain safe and secure, meaning nobody can get in with something as simple as a crow bar. Asgard sheds not only include integral metal bases, but also feature no external or exposed screws, euro cylinder locks and deadbolt systems for extra secure theft fighting.

Have any other simple hints, then tweet us @shedforce and let us know!

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